Win Your Ex-girlfriend Once Again

Breakups always hurt no matter at what level your relationship was. The emotional torment and mental anguish when you get dumped by your girlfriend, you feel that the only thing that can make you sane again is holding her once again in your arms. Coming right to the point on how to get your ex-girlfriend back and make her want you back is not easy in every case and may require some special moves from your side. But you cannot win her again unless you use a proactive approach. Before starting the process, know at what position you are standing right now. Many guys take the break-up very badly and get depressed for many days or weeks and just hoping that their love will be back by its own. First understand very clearly that the relationship is over and deal with this reality gracefully.

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Just like your ex stepped away from you, you now have to withdraw from her life. Usually this is a big shock for girls and surprisingly, many ex-girlfriends keep on expecting to hear from their boyfriends who they have dumped. Such women do not terminate the relationship fully and keep some of it in case they change their minds or fail to get another boyfriend. If you play along by keeping connection, it will make them comfortable enough to tease you more and at the same time look for some other guy.  If you and your ex accept the breakup and you stop all the contacts with ex, you are halfway to get her back. This might seem strange and absurd but it is true. You can make her want you back by simply make her miss you. She won’t be wanting you unless she is curious. When she finds no miss calls from you on her cell phone or no messages in her inbox, this is the time that when she will start feeling that she wants you back.

The longer you keep on communicating with her, the longer it will take to get her back. Similarly, the faster you disappear after the breakup, the better you chances of winning her again. How to get your ex-girlfriend back is actually more of a mind game where create an atmosphere in which she gets worried about you. . She should have the feeling that you are moving on in your life without her. It will make her lonely and she will start thinking if she had made the right decision of leaving you.

At that time she will reconsider everything from your point of view. Once you make her worried and seize back some of the control on her feelings and emotions, you can move to the next step. By making her want you again, you put yourself in a better position for reunion. From then you can use old traditional ways of winning her heart that you used while you were dating her starting from those you used on the first date. If you keep your emotions under control and think with you mind, you can win her back easily.

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